+ Fangirl Friday +

These 'fangirl fridays' are merely to honor actors and actresses I appreciate because they bring entertainment to an otherwise dull existence waiting for summer classes to end. I'm not on par with a stalker chick and would in no way consider myself one of the crazed fangirls, that try to stalk the object of their affection. I would sooner off myself, just sayin'.

I wanted to start a kind of fun thing that would help give me ideas of just fun posts to write. So, I decided why not declare my absolute love and adoration for Actors and Actresses who amaze, inspire, and make me want to be a better person. Not to mention ones that are just absolutely nice to look at.

Natalie Portman
Billie Piper
Matthew Gray Gubler
Brendan Fraser
Michael Weatherly
Harrison Ford
Paget Brewster
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
John Leguizamo