Friday, July 16, 2010

+ Fangirl Friday: Jessica Alba +

Jessica Alba. She's another actress I adore. I began my love for her in her Dark Angel days, in my opinion she was better than any Xena or Buffy, she was amazing and tough and always kicked ass. After all, even the t-shirt says so (yay for references!).

Jessica Alba was born April 28, 1981 in Pomona California. She graduated high school at age 16. By the time she was five she had the dream of being an actress and began classes by age 12 and was signed by an agent before she'd been taking classes a year. Her debut was in Camp Nowhere that she scored after the original actress dropped out and she had looked closest to the previous girl.

She then had a couple of commercials and got a recurring role in The Secret World of Alex Mack as a nemesis. She also was on the tv show Flipper for two seasons (I didn't even know there was a show, but apparently IMDB told me). She then was in Never Been Kissed and later was the star of Fox's Dark Angel.

Dark Angel (sadly) lasted only two years. But it allowed her to have an episode that her brother, Joshua also got to be in as an X-5, Krit. And allowed her to meet her ex-fiancee Michael Weatherly.

She likes to play golf and cook. Had asthma as a child. She was voted 5th Sexiest Female Star for 2002 from She became anorexic the same year she had a kidney infection, 2001. Threatened to sue Playboy magazine when they used her picture on a cover without her permission because it mislead people to think she posed for it, which she does not believe in posing nude.

Jessica Alba apparently does a good deal of research for roles she plays. She learned to play the violin for her role in The Eye. Went to a strip club to research her role as Nancy in Sin City, but found it unhelpful. The bra-top she wore in the movie had a winning bid of $1,025 on ebay.

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