Friday, June 4, 2010

+ Fangirl Friday: Billie Piper +

Billie Piper. Singer, Actress, and Writer. While she's a little less squeaky clean than Natalie Portman, she's still amazing. She went through quite a bit more and thus grew up at a young age.

The fiesty, hilarious woman the US knows her as is not what she always was. As in, she wasn't always the gorgeous London Call Girl that Showtime has paraded about on The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

She started out as a girl who was pretty typical. Took care of her younger siblings, and was trying to help keep her family a float. At the age of 15 she signed a contract and became the Pop Princess of the UK. With her hits 'Because we want to' and 'Girlfriend'. She was young, sassy, and 'one of the guys'.

And like most teens she ended up getting into a bad scene. She went to clubs drank, started smoking, and eventually ended up becoming anorexic. She kept away from the family trying to keep her anorexia a secret so she could continue to be in control of something.

When she was 18 she was at her lowest weight ever, but later with the help of her ex-husband Chris Evans, she was able to overcome it. After only a few short days of knowing Chris, he bought he a ferrari filled with red roses. But she couldn't drive, she ended up donating the car, and keeping the flowers.

She ran off and eloped with him without telling anyone. But she was happy with him, and he helped her gain control of herself and her health.

She eventually decided to share her story with everyone when she wrote, Growing Pains. Which is how I'm able to sum up some of the things she went through. It's an awesome book, but then I already adored Billie Piper which is why I picked the book up to begin with. However, if you're looking for a memoir that's interesting, funny, cheeky, honest and touching I'd recommend it.

After being with Chris for a while she caught wind of the part of Rose Tyler, the new companion for the revived series Doctor Who. Which she immediately fell in love with and desperately wanted the part. Which she got. And that only helped skyrocket her popularity amongst the British masses. With her help the new Doctor Who took off and became beloved by a whole new generation of kids. It's one of the longest running shows, starting in 1963.

In 2005 she won Most Popular Actress with Christopher Eccleston as Most Popular Actor, for their portrays of Rose Tyler and The Doctor in Doctor Who.

Since then, she got a divorce from Chris Evans due to drifting apart as they rarely got the opporunity to see each other. But left with good feelings, I believe he even made an appearance at her second wedding to Lawrence Fox. Now has a son, Winston.

And one can only hope she continues to wow both the US and the UK.

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