Friday, June 25, 2010

+Fangirl Friday: Michael Weatherly +

Michael Weatherly, because everyone loves your friendly neighborhood, Eyes Only. Nothing like an underground journalist turned crusader to make your faith in humanity return to normal.

So, this one was born in New York on July 8th, 1968. He has six siblings, and was raised in Fairfield, CT. He left college to pursuit an acting career and played in a band while he was working on his acting career. Apparently, getting himself cut off financially from his father for dropping out, which always puts a strain on things.

He was married and had a son, but got divorced in 1996 (sad day). But got remarried. Yeah, okay so this one could potentially be a less exciting Fangirl Friday. I'm finding out very little about him.

For example he was the amazing Logan Cale in Dark Angel until it was booted off of Fox after its second season. During which he was engaged to Jessica Alba who were probably my favorite actor couple, ever. Which says something considering I don't follow that kind of lame gossip ever. They just are really cute together both on-screen couples and in the bloopers and such as a real couple they were pretty cutes-y.

And a couple months of getting the boot from Dark Angel he got a part on NCIS and he's now got a solid role as Anthony DiNozzo. Where he's an amusingly self-assured Agent of NCIS, the kind of guy that is the comic relief and the playboy of their group. I'm not sure what else to really say about Weatherly, other than he's a great actor and it's definitely worth it to watch the things he appears in. He brings characters to life and makes everything he's in a great entertainment.

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