Friday, July 30, 2010

+Fangirl Friday: Jessica Biel +

Yep, today we have the trouble-maker of the Camden clan. Which is sad, considering she was so awesome. Then she just kinda died off and was never on the show again. However, she's probably one of the most successful of the Camden children from the show in the sense she's still in movies pretty often.

An American Actress and Model, born on March 3rd, 1982 in Ely, Minnesota. She began wanting to have a career as a vocalist, and had some jobs in musicals. But soon turned to modeling and comerical work. She attended Tufts University for three semesters. Her first acting job was in a Pringle's commercial when she was 11.

In 2000, during the fourth season of 7th Heaven, she lost a role in American Beauty because of the show's squeaky-clean image. In a last-minute attempt to get out of her contract she posed semi-nude for the cover of GEAR magazine, but brought out controversy as she was under 18. And was then cast as the 'bad girl' in the 7th Heaven series as she spiralled into drugs, alcohol, and webs of lies.

7th Heaven was the number-1 rated show on the WB in 1996. Also is the longest-running family drama, at 11 seasons. Even though she was fourteen months younger than Beverley Mitchell she still played her older sister in 7th Heaven due to her looking older. Also happens to be best friends with Beverley Mitchell. And was a bridesmaid, along with their 7th Heaven younger sister, Mackenzie Rosman at Beverley Mitchell's wedding.

She has a younger brother. She is a member of PETA. She enjoys ballet, soccer, running, yoga, snowboarding, and hiking. She collects vintage glasses lacking lenses. Is an amateur photograpther. She was previously a vegetarian.

Jessica Biel was voted Sexiest Woman Alive in 2005 by Esquire magazine. Though Msxim placed her at #18 of 100 in 2005. In 2005 she also got the ShoWest Award for Female Star of Tomorrow. And 2007 she got Rising-Star Award.

In 2004 she was cast in Blade: Trinity, which is surprisingly underrated. It was about a million times better than Blade II. The second one was terrible, Blade Trinity was a saving grace for the trilogy for me. Just sayin'. But her career really developed after co-starring in The Illusionist with Edward Norton. Then with Next and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Credit: IMDB. Google Images. Wikipedia.

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