Friday, June 11, 2010

+ Fangirl Friday: Matthew Gray Gubler +

Yes, that's right, Matthew Gray Gubler. Can you say, 'awwwww!'? And what better way to celebrate my 100th post on this blog, than with a Fangirl Friday of Matthew Gray Gubler?

He's currently earned the rank of my favorite actor. Despite knowing very little about him. He's now surpassed even Jensen Ackles, Jim Parsons, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Weatherly. Scary isn't it? My adoration of the latter four has lasted so long and they have finally been out ranked (Yep, spoilers, eventually those four shall also gain a place in my fandom of blog posts).

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada. On March 9, 1980. He's thirty, though he doesn't look it. And majored in film directing at NYU. He's made some films/documentaries, draws people while waiting around on set, modelled for Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton, and is the amazing, adorable, impressive, and compelling Dr. Spencer Reid of the crime drama Criminal Minds. I was convinced he'd end up being stripped of my adoration when I saw he was a model. Immediately my mind jumped to, "Oh, no! ... he's going to be not as amazing as I previously believed!" ... How happily wrong I was. <3

Why can't the world have more Dr. Spencer Reid characters in real life? I mean who isn't fond of amazing intelligence? Then again, it wouldn't be the same if he weren't actually Matthew Gray Gubler, as he's the one with the looks... But seriously, mid-twenties, an IQ of 187, skilled memory for facts, statistics, and knowing pretty much everything the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) needs to know for their cases... Can you say inspiring and amazing? Not to mention he's ridiculous, shy, insecure, making him seem so entirely endearing.

Though, I've loved Criminal Minds since I was first talked into watching an episode by the Mom and the Dad, Dr. Spencer Reid did not really have my full attention at first. I am shamed to admit that. I just kept making comparisons of Criminal Minds with NCIS. The witty self-proclaimed technological genius and magic worker, Penelope Garcia - Abby's counterpart. The stunning tall, dark, and handsome lady killer, Derek Morgan - Tony's counterpart. The leader, tough, loss of family, and someone you don't want to cross, Aaron Hotchner - Gibbs' counterpart. So on and so forth.

Matthew Gray Gubler - according to him in his 'Meet Matthew Gray Gubler' special at the end of Season 1 - never wears matching socks (like someone else I know), he said that the last time he did he ended up spraining his leg. He showed his drawings, which kind of reminded me of what it would be like if everyone lived in the world of the cartoon Beetlejuice. And likes to put his mark on things in the form of monograms (I previously believed that was something only done by my father). Always seems to have coffee in his hands (guy after my own heart). He was also adorably fretting about his kissing scene in the show (as it was his first on-screen kiss) and asked advice from pretty much everyone on Criminal Minds. Also, he injured his leg when he had a dance off with fellow actors from 500 Days of Summer and couldn't be on his leg for two months.

He also claims he was definitely not popular when he was younger, and that no one ever believes it. His modeling happened when he was just walking down a street when living in New York and asked if he was interested in modeling. That's also a similar experience to his acting career, he was asked if he wanted to be an actor, too, by his agent, and landed the part of Dr. Reid.

He appears down to earth, is artistic, and pretty witty (Just check out The Unauthorized and Authorized Documentary of Matthew Gray Gubler to see how witty - viewable on Youtube). I'm convinced there could never have been a better Dr. Spencer Reid. No one, besides the talented Matthew Gray Gubler, could have done the part justice.

And, lastly, I just really wanted to show the picture with his crazy hair, because it totally outshines the crazy hair of Logan Cale played by Michael Weatherly in Dark Angel. Mr. Weatherly seriously complained for an entire episode (During his talk-through with Jessica Alba, in "...And Jesus Brought A Casserole") about how insane his hair was (which admittedly was hilarious listening to him), and it wasn't even crazy. This picture of Reid sleeping is just hilarious, with hair that is much more crazy.

Actually here's also a youtube video he did to counter "The Unauthorized Documentary".

"I know we're not related because he's black, and I'm not..." <--- quote that's amusing from "The Unauthorized Documentary" by Andy Swan and Strudel Goolar (Matthew Gray Gubler's alias) in regards to Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan on the show). Yay. So, go watch things he's in and adore his masterful talents. :)

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