Wednesday, April 26, 2017

+ Organized Chaos +

Day 26: Organized or Messy?

It depends. 

At work I'm overly organized. I get poked fun at for my level of organization by my work moms and coworkers. My binders are color coded, my supplies neatly put together, and my notes compiled with care. 

My apartment during college was also neatly organized and clean. 

It's how I prefer things, however my room at my parents house is less organized. The main reason is I have the smallest room and when I had to move back home to student teach I had an entire apartment move home, too. I have too much stuff. Plenty that has no purpose or value. Right now it's more organized than it has been for years because I've donated and thrown away so much already. 

I know I'm moving in June so I'm trying my best to get rid of as much stuff as possible. As it is i can't take very much with me anyway. I'm leaving quite a bit at my parents' house since I can only take what fits in my car for now. 

I'll probably have to come back later and rent a small uhaul and drive back to where ever my new home may be. So I want to ditch as much as I can until then so I don't have to move as much. That's the goal... 

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