Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Day 22: Your Last Important Decision.

It'd probably have to be my immediate future decisions.

In November I decided that I need a change. Obi-Wan talked me into moving to Florida because he thinks his fiancee can get me a decent paying job.

Then I started dating my boyfriend. The move to Florida was actually going to be better for us anyway because we'd be closer than we are currently.

Fast forward a couple months and we started talking about me moving in with him instead of going to Florida. That's the current decision I've come up with. I haven't wanted anything this much in forever. I hate not getting to be with my boyfriend much.

It is a big leap of faith on my part, though. I'm so afraid of moving without a job already in  place. I need to be able to pay my bills. I need a job. Any job. I just always have 'what if I can't get a job in time' in the back of my head, though. I'm scared I'm not going to be able to do it and I'll let my boyfriend down in the process, too.
There's also another choice I'm grappling with. My job has some teaching jobs opening up soon. Some coworkers think I could get hired, but it'd mean staying here. I don't like living in this state - I've been dreaming of moving away and getting out on my own since I was a teenager. Now, I just want to be with my boyfriend and I can't ask him to move here. Not when I've already said I'm moving to be with him. Especially when I know how much he loves his home state. I guess that decision has already been made, too.

My choice is my boyfriend. I'm over the distance. I just want it to be June so badly because I'm ready for a change. I want to start my new life, in a new state, with the love of my life.

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