Sunday, August 13, 2017

+ A Whole New Year... +

August/September always feel so much more like a new year to me than January ever has. I guess that's why my nostalgia comes out about now.

It's amazing what a year can do. Truly. I'm not sure I know who that person is anymore and that's not a bad thing.

My goals are still relatively similar as far as my health goes. I'm still wanting to get healthier. Though I've been a little slack there this summer with my move. I need to get back on my gym 6 days a week kick. I lost some strength since not going as much and that's been kind of discouraging, though I haven't gained anything back. I just also haven't made more progress. The shopping for two and cooking all the time make it hard, too. I'm horrible with meal planning and such. Plus, my man likes bacon and chili cheese dogs and burgers and tacos and mac and cheese, and it's not exactly healthy. -sigh- Healthy food is so expensive, too... This summer has been trying because I didn't get a job after I moved until the end of July and so I was living off credit cards. That meant cheap food that could last while sneaking in as much produce as I could. I need to find recipes and meal plan better, especially healthy stuff...

A year ago I was fighting moving to Texas. I wanted nothing to do with it. The ex was in Idaho and my family and friends were there. I thought the ex was my chance at finding someone who understood me and I could trust. My current man was building me up and encouraging my gym efforts and having nerdy debates and conversations with me through text while I worked out my frustration with life. Now here I am in Texas with the man that encouraged me so much last year. Funny how I fought so hard my entire life to not be in Texas...

A year ago I thought I would have a real chance at teaching. I knew people would be retiring within the year. I wanted to help my seniors through the Senior Paper and Project - I still have that desire this year, but I knew I couldn't live on my pay and I couldn't sacrifice my relationship for another year of distance. It was too painful. I also couldn't sacrifice another year of life going no where, being stagnant and financially crippled. I never thought I'd go into the banking business, but here I am. New job, new co-workers, and new industry. I look forward to seeing what may come.

Last year me marked the beginning of changing my life for the better and I can only hope a year from now I can say the same of this year's me.

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